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Ananda Bosman is an International Author, Visionary Semantic Artist, Cosmologist, International Researcher, an Award-winning Musician and the Founder of the 432Hz electronic music movement. Since 1990, he has given hundreds of lectures, seminars & workshops all over the world, using state-of-the-art multimedia presentations that rivet the audience. Presenting visionary, scientific, shamanic, spiritual, mythological, and cosmological connections in an exciting and utterly unique way.

"His skills in presentation and performance are as profound as his mathematical and scientific insights. In addition to all that, you will find him a man of highest integrity, cooperative spirit, and a lot of fun to work with due to his great sense of humour!"

The Designer World - March 23rd

Ananda will be doing a one day seminar on “The Designer World – Co-Creatorship, Coherence, and You” in Vancouver, British Columbia which is not to be missed. 

In a world of intense change, agendas, New World Orders, and technological information polarity overload, comes, The Designer World Model. Nothing is as it appears to be. Reality is synthesized. Each human has the ability to log-in to the Designer World and Superintelligence. There are specific protocols, techniques, and meditations of sustained coherence that can enable each living, breathing individual to log-in and begin to co-create the synthesis of the Designer World Reality.

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March 23rd, 2024

Drawing from his contact with the Numinous Intelligences, the Emmanuels, as well as, a Period of Contact with the UFO Intelligences, and a lifetime of practice, teaching, meditation, integration, innovation, clear sight, and visionary heart-mind thinking — Ananda teaches how these utterly unique vantages, at the absolute leading edge in the world, have implications and impact on those that apply them, meditate upon them, and integrate them in Practical Practice.

Taking the latest world situation, however bleak it may appear, and harnessing the Divine Technology encoded in mankind, as a form of biological- transhumanism, Ananda will delve into the secrets that have been engaged by Sages, Buddhists, Adepts and Initiates since the genesis of history.

Seminar Topics to Include:

  • Biological Transhumanism
  • Beyond the Universe is a Simulation theory
  • The Designer World is Interactive
  • How to Login to the Designer World
  • The NASA Lies about Reality — Implications to the Designer World
  • 1990s Founder of the 432Hz Popular & Electronic Music, Sacred Numbers & Geometry of the Designer World
  • The Pan-Ultimate Eschatology of All Is God
  • The Hyperdimensions of the Designer World
  • The Superintelligence Hypothesis: A Superintelligence Behind the UFO Intelligences & Contact,  with Implications in the Designer World Model & Designer World Aware & Awake Mankind
  • Co-Creatorship in the Designer World Model

"Most inspiring lectures with a rich basket of fascinating thoughts and insights. By using modern and advanced technology Ananda presents the collective wisdom of all the great traditions. I would like to call Ananda 'The Compassionate and Lucid Gate-Master to all Existing Cosmologies."

The Golden Tuning Technology of 432 Hertz - A Universal Tempering System

Ananda Bosman is known world-wide as the Founder of the modern electronic, popular music tuned in 432 Hz, with 8 Hz effects, and circadian rhythm based tempos, like 72 BPM, & 144, 216 BPM for Trance and Psytrance. Ananda has performed concerts in over 10 countries since 2000. He made the first Psytrance, Goa Trance, and Melodic Trance songs in 432 Hz, using the double circadian pulse tempo of 144 BPM. He also made a new Mastering form called UFOM: Unified Field Overall Mastering, which utilised the golden mean numbers of sacred geometry, genetics, and universal numbers, on ALL levels of mastering.

While the 8 Hz has been documented to cure 27 organic diseases in double blind experiments, the 432 Hz has been shown to synchronise the brain hemispheres in scientific studies. The “Ananda Effect” is the implementation of an exact bi-hemispherical synchronization stimulated by the use of instruments tuned to 432 Hz / 256 Hz. This intonation stimulates the brain to work with 8 Hz, a frequency that balances the synchrony of the two hemispheres, inducing Hypergenetic Awareness of the 8-Arrows of Time and the 8 Polar Opposites by the 8Hz Lens (as the Lotus iso-Hypersphere).

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Music is the Foundation of Healing & Well-Being, Find out more here:

"Ananda's application of methods in Projective Geometry to modeling certain aspects of the 'descent' from the implicate order into 3D space-time will form a new aspect in my studies. I have been following up many of the 'links' Ananda has mentioned and can state in all honesty that the teachings have to this day a great impact on my life."

Short Bio: Ananda Bosman

Following two NDEs in his teens, Ananda had access to a source of numinous intelligence, the Emmanuels, that expanded him into superconscious states of  being. As a result, he became a detailed researcher and developed a Unique Cosmology and Semantic Art, as well as his Diamond Body Lotus Training Techniques. 

In 1992 Ananda cracked open the Dark Room (DR) Secret of the Ancient eastern & western civilizations and founded the DR Inner Light Retreats, where he guides hundreds of pilots through 14 day light isolation. As a mystic he was witnessed to emerge from invisibility by numerous witnesses, on several occasions in his remarkable life.

His new book “All Is God” gives exciting insights and techniques into Ananda’s lifetime of experiences as a mystic, how he implemented those experiences into his work, his research as well as into developing a completely new cosmology, and practical personal applications.

The book takes the reader in 7 chapters onto a journey of inner and outer exploration of the cosmology of “All Is God”, Ananda’s famous Dark Room Retreats, special meditation techniques from his Diamond Body Trainings, as well as the sacred geometrical development of his 432Hz music of well-being, and the code of creation.

A brand new science (not quantum mechanics) is presented and deeply referenced, and applied to the mystical experience, something that has never been done before, with huge implications on the nature of reality, and who we are. The book has special detail placed in the footnotes, that anchor and ground much of the content, to inform, and enable the reader to further research and delve into each area, for themselves, with greater depth.

Appearing in international radio broadcasts, TV productions & cinema movies worldwide, he is
regularly invited as a keynote speaker to numerous international conferences.

"Ananda's multiple density, Vortexijah Model, and hyperdimensional model is a revolutionary breakthrough. An extraordinary visionary scientist, we have been waiting for one like him for some time.”

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